Best Streaming Media Players

Our experts hand-picked these cord cutter streaming boxes in 2020 from personal experience & in-depth research. Enjoy!

Best Streaming Device
Priciest, but best quality
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • Fully loaded. Top rated: Voice, headphone & games
    • 2,500+ streaming channels
    • Advanced up-scaling from 720p to 4K Ultra HD
  • Editor’s Review: I own a Roku box, and I am extremely pleased with it’s durability and performance. It’s interface is so smooth that my 4-year-old can easily navigate through the menus.
Better Streaming Device
Solid Product
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • More storage than any other stick
    • 4K Ultra HD streaming
    • Alexa enabled
  • Editor’s Review: Better than I thought it would be. If you’re looking at this to be your default streaming media player, it’s pretty darn close.
Budget Streaming Device
Cool features, entry-level device
    • Manufacturer Specifications:
    • Fast 1080p HD streaming
    • Fantastic Roku Interface
    • Extremely affordable
  • Editor’s Review: Even for the budget streaming device we need to stick with Roku. They have the best interface to use, and its not even close.

Complement your antenna with Streaming Services

If you have an internet connection at home, you can gain access to an extremely affordable and complementary streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. This allows you to get most of the great shows, documentaries and movies that you would get from getting Premium cable services that are worth them times as much as these streaming services.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu you get to watch what you want and you watch it when you want it. You would also have access to a large number of HD channels with your antenna and this makes the perfect combo that is going to provide all the entertainment you need for a much lower cost. This is the reason why such a large number of people are getting rid of their cable and taking advantage of these options. These devices will also allow you to watch any Live TV channel th

Watching Sports Online

If you also plan on replacing your cable sports package with one or more of the streaming packages offered by the NBA, NHL or MLB, then you will also need to consider upgrading to Nord VPN to also get around any potential blackout issues for your home team.

While we strive to provide the best information above, it is still important that you do your own product research before making a purchase.